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We here at Experience Hamburg Tours understand that planning any trip can be a leap into the unknown. Thats why we want to make it easier by providing a personalised one to one consultation to help you get the most out of your stay in Hamburg!

Who can benifit from a consultation?

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A consultation can be helpful for many different types of guests:

  • You are a private person coming to Hamburg and just want to gather ideas and recommendations.
  • You want to discuss a customized tour you could not find on our website.
  • You wish to book multiple tours and/or add ons and wish to discuss this with us in more detail before making a booking.
  • You are a business client coordinating a larger more complex group trip to Hamburg and need help not only planning tours but also with transport, restaurants, hotels and other activities.
  • You wish to make a larger booking (above 2,000 €) and wish to discuss a discount.
  • You have family ancestory in Germany and wish to find out more about your past relatives but need help. We can help with research and arranging a tour to the sites that have a significance for your family tree.
  • You have something else you need our help with!

Do I have to make a booking after a consultation?

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Short and sweet, no you do not.

A consultation is just that. There is no obligation to make a booking after your consultation. During the consultation we are there to discuss what you want to talk about, and not to talk about our tours if you are not interested in taking one. If you are great let's chat about it, but if not no problem let's talk about what you need help with!

In fact many guests simply book a consultation to get inspiration and tips for their trip to Hamburg from someone who is knowledgable about the city, and are not interested in taking a tour at all. And that is perfectly fine! Feel free to ask us about the best places to eat, free things to do in the city, nice hotels, events happening, does and donts to stay safe while here or anything else you want to know to prepare you for your upcoming stay!

Does a consultation cost anything?

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Yes and no....

An initial video call consultation costs 60 € for one hour and in this time we can discuss whatever it is you need help with. 

If you later decide to make a booking with us to the value of 450€ or more we will deduct 60€ from the final cost of your booking; and as such in this case a video consultation is free of charge.

Even if this is not the case we still see a consultation as a financially smart move. We know Hamburg like the back of our hand and can give you the tips and tricks to save you time and money throughout your trip.

How to book a video call

It couldn't be easier! Simply click the button below, choose your timeslot and then you are all set to go! The video call will take place via Zoom.

Video calls can be booked online 3+ days in advance. For a short notice video call (0-3 days) please contact us directly and we will do our best to find a timeslot short notice that works.