Jewish District Tour

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: 300 € / group
  • Max. 35 persons
  • Meeting Point: Dammtor


The grindelviertel in Hamburg was a place called home by many of Hamburg's over 24,000 jewish citizens. We will explore this district as well as the rich history of jewish life in Hamburg from the middle ages all the way up to present day.

This tour is ideal to learn about the long history of the jewish community of Hamburg. A strong focus of the tour is the events of 1933 to 1945 however also looking at how the jewish community is represented in Hamburg today.

This tour will cover the following points of interest:

  • Dammtor Train Station
  • Kindertransport memorial
  • Zombeck tower bunker
  • The Colonial school of Hamburg
  • Mass deportations
  • Hamburg University
  • Book burnings
  • Kristallnacht 1938
  • Stolpersteine memorials
  • The Born Synagogue
  • The Talmud Tora School
  • Bombing 1943
  • British military trials
  • The Jewish Salon

The tour will be a walking tour with a light activity level. A short break is included in the middle of the tour.

Top add-ons

  • Pick-up and Drop-off service
  • Doing the tour using E-bike
  • Ending the the tour at a jewish rum and owned cafe

Note: For these or any other add-ons or modifications please contact us directly.

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