Hamburg Postcolonial Tour

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: 300 € / group
  • Max. 35 persons
  • Meeting Point: Townhall


Once the hub of Germany's colonial aspirations Hamburg offers a unique insight into the colonial past of Kaiser Wilhelm's German Empire. Today it has been largely forgotten but Germany too sought its destiny in colonial expansion; its so called "place in the sun".

With colonies in Africa, the Pacific and China as well as hopes for more in the Americas at its hight Germany's colonal empire was 4 times larger than the "Fatherland" in Europe.

Learn about what happened, why and how this topic is being dealt with in a postcolonial Europe.

This tour will cover the following stops and topics:

  • Hamburg Townhall
  • Hamburgs trade empire
  • Afrikahaus and african expansion
  • Woermann a private colony
  • Genocide in the colonies
  • Chilehaus UNESCO
  • Human Zoos
  • Meßberghof UNESCO
  • Asiahaus and the port of Tsingtao
  • Speicherstadt
  • Tea, coffee, chocolate
  • The colonial school of Hamburg
  • Tropeninstitute
  • Loss of the German colonies WW1
  • Revived colonial aspirations WW2
  • Bismark and "Black lives matter"
  • Postcolonial history in modern day Germany

The tour will be a walking tour also using public transit with a light activity level. A short break is included in the middle of the tour. Public transit tickets ane NOT included in the price of the tour.

Top add-ons

  • Pick-up and Drop-off service
  • Doing the tour using E-bike
  • Ending the the tour with a boat trip
  • Public transit tickets

Note: For these or any other add-ons or modifications please contact us directly.

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