UNESCO Kontorhausviertel  Tour

  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Price: 250 € / group
  • Max. 35 persons
  • Meeting Point: Townhall


It's the industrial revolution and Hamburg is in a period of expansion and modernisation. It is exactly in this time period that the UNESCO famous Kontore become the symbol of a bedazzling and ever changing age, in which Hamburg ist quite literally born out of the ashes of the great fire of 1842. This sets the wheel of progress into motion - an exciting new era of development as long as you don't find yourself standing in the way of progress that is.

Come experience Hamburgs architectural prowess and also find out how we got the name "The Free and Tear-down City of Hamburg"!

This tour will cover the following topics:

  • The great fire of 1842
  • Cholera 1892
  • Chilehaus
  • Sprinkenhof
  • Hulbe Haus
  • Laeiszhof
  • Globus Haus
  • Afrikahaus
  • Asiahaus
  • Townhall of the Speicherstadt
  • Warehouse district
  • Ballinhaus
  • Meßberghof
  • Gängeviertel
  • Brick expressionism

The tour will be a walking tour with a light activity level. A short break is included in the middle of the tour.

Top add-ons

  • Pick-up and Drop-off service
  • Doing the tour using E-bike
  • Ending the the tour with a boat trip

Note: For these or any other add-ons or modifications please contact us directly.

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