Sankt Pauli Fishmarket Tour

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: 300 € / group
  • Max. 25 persons
  • Meeting Point: Baumwall


The famous Sankt Pauli Fishmarket is a must see Hamburg oddity and a sure way to really feel like a local! A place where once a week the historical waterfront of Hamburg transforms into a bustling market for food, drinks, breakfast beers and yes of course fish!

Come join us to discover how the rivalry of Hamburg and Altona gave rise to what remains today a Hamburg institution as we explore the Hamburg harbour before arriving at the Fishmarket. Here we will explore everything the market has to offer including live musik, a beer hall and the famous market screamers

This tour will cover the following topics:

  • Elbphilharmonie
  • Portuguese quarters
  • Saint Micheals Church
  • Landungsbrücken
  • The old Elbtunnel
  • The Fishmarket
  • The market screamers
  • Hamburg coffee capiltal
  • Fish rolls
  • Beer in Hamburg
  • The old auction hall (beer hall)
  • Live musik
  • Altona
  • Food and drink

The tour will be a walking tour with a light activity level. A break is included in the middle of the tour and guests will be able to grab food an drinks as we walk through the market.

Top add-ons

  • Pick-up and Drop-off service
  • Ending the the tour with a boat trip
  • Buffet breakfast in the beer hall 

Note: For these or any other add-ons or modifications please contact us directly.

Important: This tour can be booked every day of the week, however the market itself only takes place once a week, on SUNDAY. The market takes place from 5am to 10am in the Spring and Summer and 7am to 10am in the Fall and Winter. Our advice is to book an early morning tour on Sunday so you still will have time to explore the market further afterwards. The tour can also be taken on other days of the week and is a great preperation for a market visit. Also there is a fun historical reason why the market starts and ends so early, join us to find out!

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